Dylan Dreyer’s favorite cauliflower soup recipe is so easy

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The weather getting chillier can only mean one thing: soup season is in full swing around Studio 1A and TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer has a special cauliflower soup recipe that’s in high demand.

Requests for Dylan’s secret recipe started bubbling up after work on Tuesday when Dylan whipped up her family’s favorite soup, a milk-free take on cream of cauliflower, garnished with a perfectly crispy and salty pancetta topping.

“His & Her cauliflower soup with crispy pancetta,” the TODAY Show meteorologist captioned a photo-series of her delicious dinner.

The “his” soup belonged to Dylan’s son, Calvin, who enjoyed dinner while listening to a soundtrack of “Baby Shark on loop” — the latest hit in toddler tunes that involves lots and lots of repetition.

Calvin and Dylan often share the same meals, thanks to Dylan’s trusty Babycook blender that allows her to puree almost anything into tasty food for her toddler.

“I’ll throw in what I’m eating for dinner and purée it up quick so Calvin can eat what I’m eating,” Dylan told TODAY Food last fall. “He eats everything … beets, apples, salmon, green beans, cauliflower, oranges … you name it, I’ve blended it!”

Dylan’s silky soup isn’t just Calvin approved, though.

Dylan’s co-worker, TODAY’s Al Roker (who also hosts his own digital food series, “COLD CUTS”), wanted in on the delicious dinner and, lucky for him, Dylan dished out the soup for her friend who is currently following the popular ketogenic diet.

“So yummy,” Al wrote in a thank you post to Dylan.

The TODAY weatherman, who has been on the high-fat, very, very low-carb diet for about a month, enjoyed the diet-friendly dish with a side of salad and chicken.

The combination of the savory soup, sweet video and diet-friendly dinner left Dylan’s fans craving some of the wholesome soup for themselves.

After both Al and Dylan posted about her cauliflower creation, Dylan shared the ingredients and cooking instructions with her followers late Thursday — and it really couldn’t be simpler!

“Many of you have asked for the cauliflower soup recipe. Here it is! Enjoy!! (And let me know how you like it!),” Dylan wrote, along with a photo of her perfectly scripted recipe card.

The soup, made up mostly of steamed cauliflower florets, also includes sauteed onions, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and it only takes about 40 minutes to make. She’s been a long-time fan of this type of soup and even posted a similar recipe in 2015.

Dylan’s fans were initially just excited about the soup but many of the comments are centered around her gorgeous penmanship.

We’re looking forward to more of Dylan’s beautifully scripted dishes that we can add to our own recipe boxes soon!

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