Easy Crock-Pot Chicken and Dumplings Recipe – Best Homemade Crock-Pot Chicken and Dumplings

Crock-Pot Chicken and Dumplings

No matter your reason — too lazy, too tired, or too busy — a slow-cooker is a weeknight dinner savior. Mainly because you don’t need to stand over the stovetop, turn on the oven (and therefore get the whole house unbearably hot), or use any actual brain power. For the most part, you’re dumping in all your ingredients and forgetting about it until dinnertime. 

This recipe is broken down into two parts: cook chicken and cook biscuits. First, you lay boneless skinless chicken breasts over a bed of onion then pour cream of chicken soup and chicken broth on top. Once the chicken is cooked, it’s time to add the vegetables and biscuits. That’s it. 

We understand that there are a ton of slow-cooker dinner ideas out there, but we promise you that this one is special. It’s pure comfort food, which is why it’s one of our most popular recipes of all time.

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Total Time:





(10.5-oz.) cans cream of chicken soup

  1. Scatter onion in the bottom of a large slow cooker then top with chicken. Season with oregano, salt, and pepper.
  2. Pour over soup and broth then add thyme and bay leaf. Cover and cook on high until
    the chicken is cooked through, 3 hours.
  3. Discard thyme and bay leaf, then shred
    chicken with two forks. Stir in celery,
    carrots, peas, and garlic.
    Cut biscuits into small pieces and scatter
    over chicken mixture. Cook on high until
    vegetables are tender and biscuits are
    cooked through, about 1 hour. 

The bottoms of the biscuits will be feel a little doughy, which we kind of love. But don’t worry — they’re still cooked. 

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