A Survival Guide to Overcome and Recover from a Food Allergy

This article is only meant for your general information. You are advised to consult
your doctor for more information.
Selective eating… you are to undergo such a phase when you are allergic to some
kinds of food and beverages. A food allergy is the body’s immunologic reaction due
to the presence of food protein.
Nowadays, there are several reading materials to help you understand the things
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Aside from the information which can be derived from the book, here are some
helpful additional ideas you might want to add to your collection of thoughts.
Commonly, adults are allergic to foods such as eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish
and fish. Kids, on the other hand, are inflicted with allergies to peanuts, milk and
eggs. If you are aware that you have a food allergy, what you need to undertake is to
be well-informed about the allergy you have. By doing so, you will be able to
overcome and recover from such an allergy.
Some types of food allergies will be discussed for further reference:
Egg Allergy
An individual afflicted with the said allergy is hypersensitive to foods containing
substances from eggs – the white or the yolk.
For some time, you are restricted to consume foods containing eggs. These days,
there are egg substitutes that you can use such as tapioca and starch from potatoes.
Apple sauce can also be an alternative.
Nut Allergy
People who are oversensitive to tree nuts end up experiencing allergic attacks. Nut
allergy should not be interchanged with peanut allergy. It is different from the latter
since tree nuts are considered dry fruits.
Types of food prepared from soy nuts are considered to be a good alternative in the
absence of tree nuts in your diet. A soy nut is not necessarily a nut; it is a soybean
that undergoes the process of soaking and baking to achieve its crisp result.
Milk Allergy

There are individuals who upon ingestion of proteins from a cow’s milk develop an
allergic reaction. When this happens, such individuals are considered to be allergic
to milk.
To obtain the optimum result from milk allergy treatment, you need to completely
avoid milk allergens. For you to fill in the nutritional gap from milk, you can choose to
include soy milk or rice milk in your diet.
Seafood Allergy
If you are hypersensitive to foods such as shellfish or flaky fishes then you are most
likely allergic to seafood.
The only way to avoid allergic attacks is prevention from eating shellfish and fish to
which you are allergic. Moreover, you also need to be careful on selecting pre-
packaged foods for their labelling may not declare that it contains seafood
ingredients such as shellfish or fish.
There is a reason for you to undergo selective eating. It will make you overcome the
allergic reaction which is happening in your system. Moreover, it will help you
recover and survive. To some extent, it will help you cease your food allergy.
Selective eating may vary. Some food allergies are treated in the short term; others
are not treated in their lifetime.